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Library Vision and Mission

School Vision

Roanoke Elementary...

Empowering children to attain their dreams.

Library Mission

The vision of Northwest ISD libraries is to prepare future ready citizens by…

  • fostering a love of reading and literature in a variety of formats, including print and digital mediums.
  • empowering students to become critical seekers of information and ideas.
  • collaborating with school and community stakeholders to provide dynamic, global learning experiences.
  • promoting the ethical use of information and technology.
  • creating a positive, welcoming environment for the learning community. 

Library Goals

Goal #1

To connect learners with literature that both excites them and supports their academic/social needs.

Goal #2

To provide our learners opportunities to wonder, create, explore, and reflect to enhance learning.

Goal #3

To model to learners that we are all digital leaders and promote the role and expectations we have in a digital world.

Goal #4

To empower learners with the tools and resources needed to become critical seekers of information and ideas.