Drop Off/Pick-Up Procedures

At Roanoke Elementary, safety and security are our first priority. The following procedures have been developed with the safety of children and staff members in mind. Thank you in advance for your cooperation as we work through high volumes of traffic at the beginning of the year. Should you have any questions or need assistance, please contact your child’s teacher or the front office at 817-215-0650.

Arrival Procedures:

Doors to the campus open at 7:15a.m.

All student drop-off is in the rear of the building. Follow the traffic pattern in a single file line to pull up outside the dining room and gym doors. Please stay in your car and pull forward according to staff directions. A staff member will open the car door to help your child out of the car. For safety reasons, all children must exit the vehicle on the passenger side. Please have your child ready to hop out when the door is opened in an effort to keep the line flowing as much as possible!

Visitors needing to enter the front of the building building during morning drop-off, please 
approach the front drive using Falstaff or Enfield in lieu of Manchester Drive.  

If you are walking your child into the building after the first day of school, visitors must enter through the front office. For the safety of all students, visitors will be required to scan their driver’s license and obtain a visitors badge using our Raptor System before entering the hallways.

Bus riders are dropped off in the front driveway each morning. Please be sure to keep the front drive clear to allow ample access for bus access. Staff members are present on the front walk to greet students as they exit the bus and assure safe entry to the building. In an effort to protect all students, drop-off in front of the building (via Lancelot Drive or the front parking lot is prohibited.

If your child walks to school, the City of Roanoke has provided multiple crossing guards throughout the Briarwyck neighborhood to help children safely cross busy intersections beginning at 7:00am. Please be sure children time their walk so that crossing guards are present to assist them. As a safety precaution, children will be required to walk their scooters or bikes to the racks provided once they arrive on campus.

Dismissal Procedures:

School is dismissed daily at 3:00p.m. For the safety of all students, visitors are not allowed to enter the school building or office during dismissal times unless escorted by a staff member.

In the afternoon, car pick-up is in the back of the building. All drivers MUST have a school-issued car tag VISIBLE in order to pick up a child. Single family pick up will follow staff directions, pulling to the curb alongside the dining room/gym doors.  Please stay in your car and pull forward according to staff directions. A staff member will open the car door to help your child into the car. For safety reasons, all children must enter the vehicle on the passenger side.

A second car line is open in the back of the building for parents/guardians picking up multiple families. We encourage families to take advantage of our “HOV Lane!”  For safety reasons, school-issued car tags must be presented for the multiple families each driver is picking up.

If your child is a bus rider, he/she will receive a colored bus bracelet which is to remain attached to loop on student backpack for the 1st 3 weeks of school. Staff members will meet your child at the bus each afternoon. Any changes in your child’s bus routes must have prior approval from Durham Transportation.

Parents may also elect to walk up and pick up their child as “Supervised Walkers,” in the front of the building at the exit nearest the bike racks.  Students will be held inside the building and delivered to parents/guardians who present the school-issued car tag.

With a signed parent permission slip on file, students may be issued a dismissal “Fast Pass.” Fast Pass students are escorted from the building by a staff member. These students typically walk or ride bicycles home WITHOUT the supervision of parents/guardians.

Ride Changes:

Your child will be dismissed via his/her normal routine UNLESS we receive written documentation from the parent/guardian. We understand that at times, it may be necessary for you to make changes to your child’s dismissal during the school day. For your child’s safety, parents/guardians must contact the school office at 817-215-0650 prior to 2:30p.m. This advance notice is necessary due to the high volume of families we serve.

Traffic Map 

Thank you for helping us keep your kids safe!
Mrs. King & Mrs. Vasquez