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Arrival/Dismissal Procedures

At Roanoke Elementary, safety and security are our first priority. The following procedures have been developed with the safety of children and staff members in mind. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Should you have any questions or need assistance, please contact your child’s teacher or the front office at 817-215-0650.

Caution:  For the safety of students and staff, we ask that vehicles avoid the intersection of Manchester and Lancelot.  Bus traffic only will be allowed to turn onto Lancelot during arrival and dismissal.   To approach the Front Drive, follow Marshall Creek to Enfield and take a right.  To approach the Back Drive, use Chinchester (off of Marshall Creek by the Ladybug Park) follow it around, it will become Caspian and leads to the back drive.


  • The FRONT DRIVE is for bus traffic only.
  • The BACK DRIVE is for PK-5 car rider drop-off.  School doors open at 7:15 a.m.
  1. Parents must remain in their cars, and students MUST exit on the passenger side of the vehicle. This keeps the line moving smoothly and protects the child from occasional moving traffic on the driver side.

  2. Our Ranger staff will be there to open the door for your child. Please DO NOT allow your child to open the door on their own.

  3. Once inside the building, staff and student leaders will ensure every child is welcomed and gets to their classroom safely!


  • The FRONT DRIVE is for Bus Pickup and 3rd-5th grade car riders.  Cars will not be allowed into the parking lot until all the buses are loaded. 
  • The BACK DRIVE is for PK-2 car riders and Multi-Band Pick-Up.
  • The SMALL PLAYGROUND (located on Manchester) is for Walkers/Bike Riders.
Map of the Arrival and Dismissal Routes (Explained Above)